Your step-by-step guide to Editing Videos like a PRO

Wouldn't it be great if there was an easy, quick & fun way to edit videos on your phone like a PRO WITHOUT fancy equipment or spending hours learning a new software? Instead, you'll spend more time connecting with your viewers turning raving fans into customers?

Hmm...does that sound like a tall order? I hear ya! 

Trust me, I was there too!! Heck at some point I thought that the only way I'll be able to have videos that I love would be to either hire a professional to do that or date someone who had the skills! (#justkidding...not)

After months of trial and error, countless hours of frustration and overwhelm, I found the fastest, most efficient way to edit videos on my phone that my audience loved and allowed me to show up everyday and connect with my tribe!!

And you my friend can skip the overwhelm and head straight to the fun!! In this course, I am sharing with you the exact strategy and techniques that I use to create content and connect with my audience of over 20K followers on social media.

"In less than an hour, you will go from never having edited a video to creating polished videos you can't wait to share!"

After This Course You will be able to:

  • Edit Videos with Ease

    Spend less time working on your videos and more time engaging with the audience you love!

  • Add Text & Music

    Add beautiful animated text & take your video to the next level by adding music, sound effects & voice overs

  • Share Your Video On Any Platform

    Choose any video layout you want & optimize for perfect compatibility with any platform.

This Course is perfect for you if:

  • You are looking for the fastest most efficient way to edit videos like a PRO on your phone without needing tech or design skills

  • You’ve been thinking about expanding your business to include video

  • Save time & money creating fresh content everyday

  • You want to build a story with video, connect with your viewers and turn them into raving fans.

Take a look inside!

Your step-by-step guide to editing videos

Learn how to edit videos like a PRO on your phone & connect with your tribe. In less than an hour, you’ll surprise yourself with how much time you will save and the quality of videos you’ll be able to create!!

The Investment

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Bonus material

  • Strategy & Planning Templates

    Use this workbook to brainstorm ideas, easily plan and organize your video content. This will help you clearly convey your vision to your team and save you time and money avoiding extra rounds of revision.

  • Community Support

    Get results FASTER! Be part of a community, get support, ask questions, share your work and get access to exclusive content only shared within our closed group.

  • 30 min Video Call

    Get a 1:1 call with Maha to customize your experience, ask your burning questions and get personalized feedback on your work. (Launch Promo)

What students have to say:

"Maha made me fall in love with something I always dreaded doing"

Nancy Ma - Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist | Yoga Teacher

Maha is the most fun and animated teacher! She has mastered the art and science of teaching videos to non-techie and non-graphic designers like me. Not only did she break down the steps and make them super simple, but she made me fall in love with something I had always dreaded doing. I know that video production and editing is a huge component of what I do as a coach, but I'm so non-techie that I dreaded doing it. Maha made me actually feel like an artist. I felt a creative side to me unleash as I really got into the work of producing a video that would engage, entertain and educate the audience. She is such an inspiring teacher. I'm so grateful that I signed up to work with this girl!!

“Taking this course helped me elevate my online presence and had a positive impact on my growth and sales“

Maryam Munaf, Nutritionist | Founder, Healthy Genie Inc

I was that person who had amazing ideas for videos right until it was time to create them. I felt overwhelmed and stressed. I disliked editing, it was the most difficult part of the process. After taking Maha's course not only did I learn all the tips and tricks that turn a regular video to a super fun and gorgeous one but I now enjoy editing!! Something I never thought I would feel. Running a food product business meant that I needed to create visual content consistently and to make sure I kept my audience engaged. Taking this course helped me elevate my online presence and had a positive impact on my growth and sales. People were enticed and excited about my spreads! I wouldn't have been able to deliver without the knowledge I obtained from Maha. Maha is very kind and supportive and you feel that in all her interactions. Take Maha's course TODAY and save yourself all the hassle and go straight to the FUN!

"It benefited me on so many levels - personally, professionally, and creatively!"

Sobia H. | Creative Entrepreneur

Your classes and the results that followed came at a time of my life when I needed it the most. I count my blessings for having met you and joining your photography classes. It benefited me on so many levels - personally, professionally, and creatively! The experience helped build up my confidence, and I hope to continue on this creative journey with new projects. Thank you, Maha!

“This is huge for our business“

Luke Lopez, Design Director, DESALU Creative

Maha wears many hats, but two she rocks superbly well is that of a storyteller and teacher. She does this with a clear love for her craft but also ease and intentionality that you end up forgetting you’re learning at all. You kind of just absorb it all by the end while she makes sure you’re have a ton of fun along the way. Over the course of one of her instructional talks she taught me how to use a useful video editing app. As a result of this tutorial I was able to acquire a completely new skillset for myself that I’ve been able to use personally to make more interesting videos I can share on social–upping my video editing cred. But more than that, I’ve since been able to leverage what I’ve learned in making videos and animations for work creating shareable content for social media and advertising. This has resulted in bigger engagement and returns from our ideal audiences especially during the pandemic. This is huge for our business. Impact we can even begin to imagine. A ton of gratitude goes out to my friend Maha, glad to know her talent personally. She’s the real deal. I look forward to more of her stories, creativity, silliness, lessons, and invaluable tips!

Meet Your Edutainer

Photographer | Educator

Maha Munaf

Maha Munaf is an Architect turned Food Photographer, stylist & educator who is on a mission helping others answer their creative calling and unleash their superpowers. As a little girl, Maha was always with her mum in the kitchen, cutting, stirring or mixing stuff; and today after a long journey she found her way back into the kitchen capturing images that communicate the love, passion and thought that goes into every recipe. When she is not collaborating with brands, you can find Maha sharing her expertise online with #AskMahaMonday, a weekly Q&A where she talks all things Food Photography! Connect with Maha here:


  • When do I get access to the course material?

    Immediately :)

  • Is it available for both iPhone and Android?

    Yessss! All the tools in this course are free & available on both iPhone & Android.

  • When does the course start and finish?

    This is self-paced online course, you decide when you start and when you finish :)

  • I don't have a lot of time, how long will it take me to finish the course?

    You'll be done in less than an hour!! I told you, I've got your back ;)

  • The videos I’ll be creating are only for Instagram or can I use it anywhere else?

    You’ll be able to create different videos for different platforms (facebook, Instagram, YouTube...etc) and you’ll learn how to choose the right layout for each.

Are you ready to Edit like PRO?

Let’s get you creating polished videos and connecting with your tribe in less than an hour! Are you in?